Do you just want a line editor to make sure you’ve got everything in the right place and you haven’t made any egregious punctuation or spelling errors? You need a content editor who will address big-picture issues Are you looking for someone who follows all the rules laid out in the Chicago Manual of Style, or are you hoping for an editor with a more creative flair?



Are you hoping to learn something during the editing process, or do you just want to send your manuscript off for editing and be done with it? There are no wrong answers here, but you should have a clear sense of what your goals are in the process before you begin contacting editors.

Absolutely! There will never be a tougher audience for you to try and sell your book to than an agent or publisher. Back in the good old days when publishers could afford editors for their authors, this was less of a concern. Today, however, it’s up to you to present a publishable manuscript to the agent or publisher right out of the gate. A good editor is crucial to that process.